Marbled Frogmouth Numbers are Building

Seeing the results of your hard work makes everything seem so worthwhile. Hinterland Bush Links has been working with local landholders to restore native habitat in the Blackall Range and surrounding areas since 2011, and recently we have seen a fantastic result of our work.

The rare Marbled Frogmouth appeared to be doomed and excitement abounded when pairs were found on the Obi Creek downstream from Gardners Falls and at Wootha on the southern fall of the range. It is amazing to think that back in the '70s they were only known from old museum specimens and not al all in the field. Greg Roberts rediscovered them in the Conondale Ranges and thanks to good bush restoration work by landholders their numbers are building again.

Sometimes confused with the Tawny Frogmouth, Greg has some good tips for identification. The first of Greg's photos is the Marbled Frogmouth and the other is the Tawny Frogmouth. Greg suggests we note the relatively longer, more tapered tail of the Marbled, which he regards as a key identification feature. Also to be noted is the blotching on the underparts of the Marbled as opposed to the fine streaking of the Tawny's underparts. The white eye-brow of the Marbled is clearly wider than that of the Tawny while the eyes of the Marbled are darker than the bright, yellow eyes of the Tawny. 

Jennifer Nichols from our ABC investigated the comeback of the Marbled Frogmouth and you can catch up on her story here.


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