Weeding & Walking at Dilkusha

A wonderful walk through restored rainforest to the Obi Ck kicked off a morning's weeding by Roving Resters at Dilkusha on 16 May. The steep descent offered amazing views to rainforest shrouded hills that embrace the Obi Ck above Lake Baroon.

After a delicious morning tea of pikelets with Davidson's Plum jam (made on site) and cream, the 13 volunteers powered through the weeds upslope.

We had lunch on the sunny foot-bridge across the Obi Ck, then explored the rainforest up-stream. The landholders had killed some old privet trees on the flats a few years ago and a sea of regenerating privet seedlings had established since. Our crew were itching to get their hands on them but soon realised that this would take another full session to deal with. Instead, we enjoyed the cascading waterfall nearby.

The restoration at Dilkusha is a great credit to the thoughtful and determined efforts of the several landholders who share this property. The property is a valuable link in the wildlife corridor provided by the Obi Ck.


Paul Moore attacks a Broad-leaved Privet near the Obi Ck

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