Weed Vine Workshop

19 June, 2016 We ran a workshop on the serious weed vines in this region - namely Cats Claw and Madeira Vine which both smother rainforest canopies killing the native trees. Matt Bateman spoke about the strategic control works that Hinterland Bush Links, Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group and Barung Landcare have been undertaking in the Upper Mary Valley to improve habitat and prevent propagules being washed downstream to lower reaches of the river. Thanks to Burnett Mary Regional Group for ongoing funding to support this work. We were able to see some large stems of madeira vine and the Jewel Beetles and Tingid bugs being used as biocontrol of Cats Claw (thanks to Gympie Landcare for samples).
Dutchmans Pipe is the third target weed vine of the Upper Mary Weed VIne project. It doesn't smother as badly as the other vines but it is toxic to the larvae of the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly which mistakes it for its host vine. We gave out free potted native Birdwing Vines to participants at the workshop. . It was a great turn out of 23 people given that we were all about to be enveloped in a mighty deluge.

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