Subtropical Forests Ecology Course

2 to 3 September  The second week-end of our ecology course saw participants learn about disturbance in the landscape and the impacts on habitat and connectivity.  approaches to restoration of native habitat. After hearing expert speakers on Saturday morning, we headed out to view a restoration area on the neighbouring property. On Saturday afternoon we broke into groups to visit local properties and see the wonderful work that has been done to restore habitat on these properties. The landholders were an inspiration to the course participants.

Sunday morning began with some insights into the opportunities available for wildlife monitoring and then it was time to plan the group presentations of our restoration "projects" based on our property visits. Each group presented their plans using the learnings gained from the 2 weekends of the course. Well done, everyone! A huge thank you to everyone who helped make the 4 days an exciting and enjoyable time for those involved.

Thanks to Sunshine Coast Council for their support of the Subtropical Forests Ecology Course this year.

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