Subtropical Forests Ecology Course

27 -30 August 2016 Participants at the Subtropical Forests Ecology Course at Booroobin last week enjoyed great weather and field activities ranging from investigating rocks to searching for invertebrates. Fergus FitzGerald got us all excited about g about rocks and soils in the eucalypt forest and then the rainforest. Michelle Gleeson helped us discover that Invertebrates were more diverse and abundant in the rainforest search. Susie ensured we remembered that figs are important food sources for many mammals, birds, reptiles and invertebrates in the rainforest.

We visited the old-growth forest at Branch Creek in Bellthorpe National Park where Fergus taught us about the geology of the area and we admired the beauty and rich habitat of the forest.

On Day 3, we visited Spencer Shaw’s property to hear about he has gone about undertaking restoration work. In the afternoon, groups visited 4 different properties to undertake a mini-management plan. One group was at Dave & Wendy Clark's at Bellthorpe. Dave and Wendy have created a paradise for biodiversity with big trees, rainforest trails, Wompoos, Riflebirds, Regent Bowerbirds and Richmond Birdwing butterflies all to be seen in one afternoon!

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