Roving Restorers

31.10.16 Roving Restorers had a very enjoyable morning hand-weeding Madeira Vine & Cats Claw Creeper on the Mary River property of long-time conservationists Sally & Ian Mackay. Since purchase of the land for conservation two years ago, cattle have been removed, trees planted, regrowth enabled to prosper and flowering cat's claw reduced. Madeira vine arrived following floods and both it and cat's claw need ongoing work. We worked on fine weeding the emerging Madeira vine and cutting Cats Claw Creeper and Madeira Vine from trees along one section of a flood channel. Every part of the weeds is removed and frozen to ensure there is no recurrent growth and it is then disposed of on another section where Ian has recycled bamboo to help slow the flood waters. It is great to see the natural regeneration of casuarina. Thanks Ian for your hard work and your sharing of information about your strategy for tackling this major weed problem.

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