New Project Officer

Hinterland Bush Links has a project officer!! Sue Brieschke (in the hat) has come on board part-time to support the expansion of HBL as we reach out to new projects such as the Subtropical Forests Ecology Course. We are greatly appreciative to our key donors - Jane Abercrombie, Marek & Libby Malter, BJ Traill & Susie Duncan and an anonymous donor. They have contributed a total of $40,000 to build on HBL's success. We are seeking a further $15,000 to meet our goals for the coming year - if you're able to contribute, please go to: where you can make a tax-deductible.donation. Use HBL as your reference. Or call Susie on 5429 6622, Thankyou for ensuring a future for our precious wildlife! Pic by Geoff Saunders.

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