The migrants are back

It’s spring and some birds are returning from their winter travels in northern climes.

You may have heard the Koels calling with their distinctive ‘coo-ee’ to attract mates. Like most cuckoos, the Koel lays its eggs in other birds’ nests and leaves the host to do the hard-work of raising its young. Another cuckoo that makes itself known is the huge, raucous Channel-billed Cuckoo which lays its eggs in the nests of magpies, crows and currawongs.

Other spring-summer visitors include several flycatchers, Dollarbirds, Cicadabirds and the conspicuous Spangled Drongo, an iridescent black bird with a forked tail, which utters various whistles and rackety chatterings. Olive-backed Orioles also return to this region to nest and are favoured hosts for breeding Koels.


© Photo by Raoul Slater, "Olive-backed Oriole"

Olive-Backed Oriole - Credit Raoul Slater

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