Managing weed vines

Burnett-Mary Regional Group (BMRG) would like to know where weed vines are growing in the Cambroon district.

This includes the catchments of Booloumba Ck, Little Yabba Ck, Chinaman Ck, and Walli Ck. Some important vines to look out for are Cats Claw, Madeira Vine, Moth Vine and Glycine. BMRG will hold a workshop in the Cambroon area in autumn 2012 as an opportunity to identify these problem vines and their effects on the environment.  Hinterland Bush Links is currently mapping infestations of these vines.

If you know of some previously unrecorded locations, please contact us.


Photo by Susie Duncan, "Cats Claw Creeper"













© Photos by Susie Duncan, "Cats Claw Creeper"


Cats Claw Creeper - photo by Susie Duncan

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