Birdwing Butterfly habitat at Lyola

Planting and weeding days were held on 11 March and 1 July at Lyola, Wootha to create habitat for Richmond Birdwing Butterflies and other wildlife.

At the first visit, Birdwing vines which provide food for the butterfly larvae, were planted out  down a slope near Geraghtyl Creek. Ray Seddon from the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Conservation Network coordinated the day.

On the second visit, 12 Roving Restorers put their backs into removing primary and secondary lantana close to the plantings. After a scrumptious morning tea, the group walked down into Geraghty Ck and enjoyed the rainforest and gushing cascades.

Lyola is a beautifully restored property that provides great wildlife habitat and good connectivity to several adjacent properties. A Voluntary Conservation Agreement over much of the property ensures that it will be cared for in the future.


Male Richmond Birdwing Butterfly - photo Ray Seddon


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